www.SpeedDatingSpokane.com is now:



A real win-win situation!

Our goal is to grow a vibrant single community in the Spokane area and we thought Speed Dating would be a great start.  We have other events planned...but this is where is starts!  The comment we heard over and over was:

"This is great! Spokane has nothing like it, and we need singles events like this!"

Well...we're trying AND we'd LOVE your help.  This page has pictures/links and downloads that you can share on Facebook, at work, with your friends...etc.  The more you share our events on Facebook, the greater the number of people will be at the event!   The more people that show up to the Speed Dating events, the better YOUR experience will be!   (Makes sense, huh ?)

To share:

1. Simply right click on a picture below and then choose "COPY"

2. Go to Facebook to make a post. Double click where it says, "What's on your mind"

3. Then right click and click "Paste". (these steps have been "mom" tested so I KNOW you can do it!;)

4. Invite others to join us and add the SpeedDatingSpokane.com link.   Something like: "This is a FUN event! You should go!  Check it out at www.SpeedDatingSpokane.com" OR any other amazing thing you can think up!

[In the download section, there are pictures and memes that you can COPY/PASTE and put on posters to tack on bulletin boards at work/social areas/etc., in emails, in texts, and on social media posts. We also have some beautiful cards that you can pass out. Please ask for some at the next event!  EVERYONE...especially us...thanks you for your help in getting the word out!] 


Feel free to share these images on social media or text to friends!