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Meet Your Host X

Erica Sandquist

Dating & Life Coach

Hostess for Single Mingles & Speed Dating Events

Communication & Relationship Class Creator, Educator, and Leader

 Entrepreneur Rookie

A Queen of Hearts

Erica LVES hosting Speed Dating events, singles events, and leading communication

  & relationship classes in Spokane (Washington) AND in Venice (Florida). 

The name Erica means "ruler" or "queen".  Since the early 2000s, she's been told countless times that she's a healer.  However, she always thought that meant she should heal people through things like Reiki.  Over a period of 15 years of workshops, reading, and studying healthy relationships and communication, Erica realized that she WAS healing others' hearts by sharing her knowledge, giving support and coaching them to new heights!

Erica spent 16+ years as a teacher in both St. Paul (MN) & Seattle (WA) and despite being both Dyslexic and "Aspie" (Aspergers), she earned two college degrees in 6 years including a Master's in "Teaching and Learning". 

Erica left teaching in 2012 to pursue being a life coach.  Over the last 20 years, she's spent countless hours and dollars reading, watching videos, and listening to audiobooks on relationships and communication.  In May 2019, she started teaching classes on the subject and started hosting speed dating events for singles as well.